Who we are

About Vision Science Academy

Established in 2020, Vision Science Academy aims at providing extensive training and expert guidance to aspiring students and professionals on the widely popular science of vision care.

In order to keep yourself updated with the latest discoveries and research work on vision science, the Academy’s annual meetings will be the best option with comprehensive lectures and workshops, symposia, interesting poster presentations and many more. Explore the world of Vision Science Academy which is not only interesting and informative but also enjoyable at the same time.


Our Mission

VSA is aiming to deliver the best services in eye health and vision science. The Academy will provide extensive and innovative research-based education, which aims at updating vision science professionals and students with the latest advancements and skills in the widely popular science of vision care.


Our Foundation

Vision Science Academy Foundation will provide financial support for education and research work on vision and eye health to improve the quality of patient care services.

Core Values



All members of the VSA community (students and staff) have equal worth and should be treated with respect.



All people have choices and tutors and students should be responsible for their actions.



Belonging to a community requires a commitment to the common good. The community is stronger when everyone can be counted upon to be honest and trustworthy.



Having the courage to try new things expands minds and causes members, and staff to reach beyond their own expectations.



The ability to wonder and to create connections stimulates further learning. Inquiry will be fostered on the part of staff and students.



Success is accomplished when students and staff are willing to do what it takes to accomplish their vision of the future.

Experts In Every Subject

VSA is an online training and mentorship service for eye health professionals in developing countries. Our goal is to increase the capacity of eye health professionals and health systems to treat and prevent blindness and visual cognitive impairment.

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Why Us?

Vision Science Academy is an effective learning community, a great place to be for a student and an educator. We have a culture built on a common set of values, student, tutor accountability, and high expectations all resulting in high levels of student achievement. Our administrators, tutors have high expectations of our students and students have high expectations of their tutors.

  • Higher Standards and Expectations
  • Knowledgeable and Skilled Staff
  • Online Access to Classroom Records