Dr. Sarika Gopalakrishnan, an eminent figure in the field of optometry, has recently joined the VSA Team as a Senior Advisor. With a rich academic background, including a PhD in Optometry from the Elite School of Optometry, affiliated with SASTRA University and the Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai, India, Dr. Gopalakrishnan has established herself as a leader in her field. Her expertise in low vision rehabilitation is particularly notable, demonstrated through her innovative research and significant contributions to the discipline.

Beginning her professional journey as an optometrist at Sankara Nethralaya hospital in India, Dr. Gopalakrishnan quickly advanced to senior roles. She served as a Senior Optometrist and later became the Head of Visual Rehabilitation Services at the hospital. Her commitment to improving low vision care extended beyond clinical practice to encompass teaching and mentoring future optometrists. She spent many years as an Assistant Professor at the Elite School of Optometry, shaping the minds of the next generation in her field.

Dr. Gopalakrishnan’s work has been recognized internationally through various awards and accolades. She has been honoured with titles such as the ‘Knight of the Blind’ by Lion’s Club International and has received multiple awards for her outstanding contributions to optometry and low vision care. Her research work, which includes numerous publications in esteemed journals, reflects her dedication to advancing the field of low vision rehabilitation. She was the first Indian female to be honored as a ‘Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry’ at the AAO meeting 2014, held at Denver, USA for completing clinical candidacy in the field of Low Vision.

Her clinical skills are wide-ranging, from evaluating visual functions in infants to counselling visually impaired individuals, demonstrating her versatility and depth of knowledge. Dr. Gopalakrishnan is also known for her innovative approach to low vision care, incorporating technologies like augmented reality to improve patient outcomes.

As a Senior Advisor with the VSA Team, Dr. Gopalakrishnan brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and innovation. Her leadership and expertise in optometry, particularly in low vision rehabilitation, are assets that will greatly benefit the team and contribute to the advancement of vision care and rehabilitation services.

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