Amod Shriram Gogate

Senior Advisor

Optometry is a clinical profession that requires sheer dedication and hard work in order to craft a successful professional career. One of the best examples that embodies this spirit is Optom. Amod Shriram Gogate. Mr. Gogate is a highly qualified, and top tier, professional eye health consultant who hails from Pune, India. Over the past three decades, he has accumulated an exceptional experience in terms of clinical, academic and corporate activities.

Optom Amod graduated from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 1987. He also obtained a Masters Degree in clinical optometry from Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College, Pune in 2005. He completed an Executive Program in Global Business Management from IIM, Calcutta in 2010-11. Besides optometry, Optom Amod also shares expertise in healthcare management, clinical education, and strategic thinking.

Optom Amod’s accolades

  1. Optom Amod was awarded the Best Optometrist for the year by the Indian Optometric Association in 1996 during the national conference.
  2. During 1998 to 2006, Optom Amod as an Associate Professor and the Head of School of Optometry, lead the team which started the Optometry programs B.Optom. & M.Optom. at Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College.
  3. He also held the position of the first National Coordinator (2003 to 2004) of Association of Schools & Colleges of Optometry, India (ASCO-I) when it was first constituted by the World Council of Optometry, in Agra during the 2003 conference.
  4. Optom Amod lead the professional education team at Johnson & Johnson Vision in India from 2006 to 2020. The team partnered with Key Opinion Leaders, educators and professional organisations to raise the level of contact lens practice in India.
  5. Most recently, Optom Amod lead the team which implemented the Learning Management System on a digital platform to offer a series of education modules and self-study material as part of continuing education. In a short span of 6 months, the team was successful to register 1250+ optometrists practicing in contact lenses in optical stores across India.
  6. During this career journey Optom Amod was part of the AsiaPac regional team of Johnson & Johnson Vision, with different stakeholders across 10 countries.
  7. Optom Amod has been involved in a variety of practitioner & market research projects. He has presented posters and papers at several conferences of the Asia Pacific Optometric Congress (APOC), Seoul, South Korea and Singapore.

Optom Amod’s professional memberships

Optom Amod also serves as a proud member of the following organizations:

  • Indian Optometric Association
  • Indian Contact Lens Society
  • British Contact Lens Association
  • International Association of Contact Lens Educators