After an exhilarating month of creativity and literary prowess, we are pleased to unveil the results of our July/August 2023 Blog Competition!

We received an astounding number of entries, each offering a unique voice and perspective. Selecting the winners was no easy feat given the exceptional quality of the submissions.

1. Swathi Madhavan
Topic: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Optometric Practice

2. Aakanksha Pathania
Topic: The Revolutionary Superheroes: Tele Optometry and Artificial Intelligence

3. Sayak Banerjee
Topic: Is Chat GPT a new marvel in the field of vision sciences?

4. Aksha Shetty
Topic: Spectacle lens technologies for myopia control

5. Deepika Biswakarma
Topic: Snoozing Vision of Blind People

6. Aakanksha Pathania
Topic: Connection Between Dry Eye and Mental Health: A Big Question to Sustainable Eye Care

7. Krishna Shah
Topic: Shedding Light on Vision: Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Vision Sciences

8. Mainak Motilal
Topic: Windows to the Soul and Beyond: How Eye-Health Impacts Mental Well-being

9. Kristi Sharma
Topic: Can your Smartphone make your World Dark?

10. Sanjukta Jana
Topic: Role of Vitreous in Post-mortem

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated, making this competition a memorable one. Stay tuned for more exciting events and contests in the coming months!

Keep writing, keep inspiring!

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Top 3 Winners