Biopshychology Course

25 Lessons of 45min

On this course, you’ll explore a fascinating branch of psychology, which looks at the connection between behaviour and human biological functions, in particular, the nervous system.

You’ll examine the role that genetics, heredity, genetic disorders, the nervous system and the brain and spinal cord plays in shaping our bodies and behaviour.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Explore the role of genes in normal behaviour.


Assess the critical importance of the environment in shaping behaviour.


Identify neural system cell types and describe their functions, including how resting potential becomes an action potential.


Interpret examples of heritable diseases affecting behaviour (e.g. Fragile X syndrome).


Explain the roles of neurotransmitters in behaviour.


Compare the role of synapses in communication within the nervous system.


What Our Students Say

” The Biopsychology course was awesome and much informative.
I learnt new things and the professors lectures were too good and the articles also were perfectly compiled. Thanks”


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” This was a very interesting course and I leaned a lot. It teaches you in a simple way, giving you quizzes to see what you have learnt.

Course language was very easy and clear”


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