Vision Science Academy (VSA) is excited to announce this call for articles for Vision Science Academy Exclusive. We invite exclusive articles on a topic within the domain of Vision Sciences including (directly or indirectly) related subject areas, which may include, but are not limited to the following areas:









VSA Exclusive articles will be published on a monthly basis on VSA’s Monthly Releases.

To be considered for publication, the articles should be submitted by 10th of the previous month (Example: To be considered for publication in April 2021, the articles should be submitted by 10th March 2021).

This call is only to VSA Team Members and should be published under VSA designation.

Submission guidelines should be strictly followed to avoid disappointment of major corrections/rejections. Blog writing tips can be found in “In the Know” section under the blog page in VSA Website.

All submissions should be directed to the Editor-In Chief at

Informal enquiries can be emailed to

Submission Opens: 1st March 2021 to until further notice


Best Wishes!

Editor In-Chief

Vision Science Academy