Vision Science Academy (VSA) proudly celebrated World Optometry Day on 23rd March 2023, featuring keynote speaker Mr. Prem Kumar Singh who spoke on “Binocular Vision Dysfunctions & Myopia Progression”.

The conclusion of the ViSThON webinar series, which comprised 50 webinars, was marked by this event.

Mr. Shankar Raman represented, HOYA for a Sponsor Talk, who shared valuable insights on HOYA’s corporate progress and their impact in the eye-care industry.

The event brought together participants from 19 different nations and was moderated by Mrs. Somayeh Heidarzadeh (Senior Training Manager, VSA) and Ms. Sucheta Mitra (Education Engagement Manager, VSA).

Congratulations to Mr. Saurabh Suman of Galgotias University for winning the Innovative Idea Award, and to the runners up Mr. Deepak Kumar and Ms. Sunidhi Kumari.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this event!