Dr. Abhishek Mandal

Founder & Senior Adviser

Dr. Abhishek Mandal is a Doctorate in Visual Neuroscience from Glasgow Caledonian University. Abhishek has obtained three post-graduate degrees in Vision Science and is a recipient of Gold Medal in Vision Science studies. Following to his first master’s degree he was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at KMM Optometry and Eye Institute, Uttarakhand. Abhishek’s passion in research led him to completing his second master’s degree and a PhD from Glasgow Caledonian University where he investigated Neural Suppression Mechanism during Eye Movements using various psychophysical methods. Abhishek was elected as a Post-graduate Student Leader at Glasgow Caledonian University where he predominantly worked in improving post-graduate research facilities at the university representing the post-graduate students at the university and national level.

For the past ten years, Abhishek have built professional experience in patient services, research, and higher education. Abhishek has expanded student opportunities in response to expressed/observed needs, collaborated with others and implemented initiatives to improve research experiences. He has a record of commitment to conducting, publishing, and presenting leading-edge research/results in prestigious universities like Harvard Medical School as well as using that knowledge to improve the lives of patients. His excellent oral and written communication skills have been demonstrated by increased student achievement, informative presentations across the world and successful interaction with key stakeholders to improve/expand opportunities.