General Questions


Can I pay my dues over the phone with a credit card?

Yes, the Academy is able to accept credit card dues payments over the telephone. Please call +447921 55 7 00 6 and the Academy’s receptionist can assist you.

How can I change my contact information in your system?

As a Academy member, you are able to update your contact information at any time. Begin at the login link in the upper left-hand corner. Select “Individual Profile” to update your address information in the system. Please remember to hit the “Save” button at the bottom when finished.

How many hours of continuing education (CE) will be offered at the meeting this year?

There will be over 400 hours of CE offered.

How many hours can I earn at the meeting?

It is possible to earn 34 hours at the 2020 meeting.

How will you track my continuing education (CE) at the meeting?

Your badge will be scanned going into each session

For all lectures, workshops, symposia and special sessions (fixed credit)

I am no longer a student member and do not want to pursue becoming a Fellow at this time. Is there a general membership fee that I can pay?

he Academy does not have a general membership category. After you have graduated from optometry school or completed a residency program, the next option you have to continue your Academy membership is to become a candidate for Fellowship.

Who do I contact if I am having problems accessing the online version of Optometry and Vision Science?

Please contact the Membership Office by e-mail or contact the Academy office by phone at +447921 55 7 00 6