Joanna Arcadiou

Training Manager, Cyprus

Joanna Arcadiou is a BSc (Hons) Orthoptics graduate from the University of Liverpool in 2019. 

Following clinical placements and graduation, she was hired as an Orthoptist at a multi-disciplinary private practice in Cyprus. Over the last few years, she also taught medical students about visual development and ocular motility disorders. 

Joanna also has a Diploma in Vision Therapy from Hadassah Academic College, specialising in accommodative, convergence, developmental eye movement & visual processing disorders.

As an Orthoptist she is adept at performing a range of investigative tests to accurately diagnose and treat ophthalmic conditions associated with the development of vision in children, assessing and managing strabismic conditions and extra-ocular muscle diseases such as thyroid eye disease and myasthenia gravis.