Journal of Vision Science (JVS)


A Message from the Founder of Vision Science Academy (VSA)


Scientific research is the cornerstone of whatever progress humanity has achieved up till the 21st century. The pursuit of scientific methodology to establish cutting edge theories and formulate laws has been the main goal of our foremost scientists and researchers. Without research, you can never expect to learn from your past mistakes, and improve the standard of your technological achievements.

Vision sciences constitute a developing field with numerous subsidiary specialties, all of which are engaged in improving the standard of eye care for those suffering from vision-related disorders. The Journal of Vision Science is a newly found scientific journal which currently operates under the patronage of Vision Science Academy. The journal offers the young, aspiring optometrists around the globe a golden opportunity to publish their own valuable ideas and concepts. Although JVS has not yet established itself as one of the top ranked literature resources of the field, the team VSA eventually hopes to build up its reputation through the untiring efforts of our passionate authors.

Presently, the journal accepts all types of research work, while the articles can also be published timely. Some examples of publishable content include the following:

  1. Original articles
  2. Literature reviews
  3. Data sets
  4. Null results
  5. Protocols
  6. Case reports
  7. Incremental findings

The greatest perks of publishing your research in JVS is that the author gets to choose their research topic themselves. The journal doesn’t cast any hurdles in the proofreading and editing process as the authors get to nominate their peer reviewers themselves. JVS supports an online submission system where the authors repeatedly get notified about the progress of their submission. Additionally, the entire process of article submission and publishing through JVS is highly convenient and cost-effective for our members.

Our plan is to build up a strong communication between the professional and novice minds of the field by boosting their knowledge regarding the constantly expanding scope of vision sciences. The veterans at VSA are all geared up to show the ropes to our junior followers, and guide them to become top notch experts of the field. JVS is one of such platforms where experts will review your content, and will help refine your skills as a promising scientific writer.



Dr. Abhishek Mandal

Founder, VSA