Introduction to VSA

The Vision Science Academy (VSA) is a contemporary association whose main goal is the provision of high-quality scientific education to those individuals who are passionate about pursuing their careers in the field of Visual Sciences. Our vision is to engage the novice as well as the veteran minds of the field simultaneously by increasing their know-how about the constantly expanding knowledge of visual sciences. This educational platform currently comprises 700+ online members, and is promoting its global outreach day-by-day.

Why VSA Membership?

If you’re currently aiming to build your future career in Vision Sciences, our team at VSA will provide you the stepping stone towards a successful career. Not only will you benefit from the vast research opportunities at VSA, but we will also do our best to set up an environment of interactive learning by collaborating with some of the leading professionals of vision sciences. To be the master, you need to learn from the master!

Blogs and Articles

As a VSA member, you will be able to read or publish online blogs while you will also acquire useful tips to develop an impeccable skillset for advanced blog-writing. Team VSA has recently launched the Journal of Vision Science which provides the young, aspiring optometrists a chance to publish their own valuable ideas and concepts on the evolving topics of the field. Our editorial team will hone in your writing skills which will certainly help boost your morale as an emerging scientific author.

Webinars and Online Events

By joining our team, you will be entitled to participate in the live webinars and other online events where you will witness our international guests share their thoughts on various ongoing advances in the profession. By joining VSA, you will also get the golden opportunity to participate in some exciting competitions which will be centered on article and blog writing as well as photography. Moreover, we will also invite you to listen to our interviews with several esteemed speakers from all around the globe, including noteworthy eye doctors, optometrists, and authors. Get ready to learn from the best minds while sitting in the comfort of your own home!

Quiz Competitions

Engage yourself in exciting quiz opportunities where your knowledge will be put to test by our organizational team at VSA. Boost your mental capacity by continuously updating your knowledge relevant to the field of vision sciences. There is no need to attend any traditional classes at VSA; rather you only require to avail all the distant learning opportunities for adding more proficiency to your optometry skills.

Our Global Network

The VSA collaborates with multiple internationally renowned research organizations such as the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) which provided the VSA with a business endorsement in October, 2020. An advanced learning collaboration has been established with the Online Optom Learning Series (OOLS) while the academy has also coordinated with two other U.K based organizations, ECOTIC Labs and KBR Foundation so as to encourage our emerging scientific writers. Currently, team VSA also plans to move forward with collaboration with several other international research institutes.