Neuroscience Course

25 Lessons of 45min

Neuroscience explores the functional organization and neurophysiology of the human central nervous system, while providing a neurobiological framework for understanding human behavior. In this course, you will discover the organization of the neural systems in the brain and spinal cord that mediate sensation, motivate bodily action, and integrate sensorimotor signals with memory, emotion and related faculties of cognition.


Course Advantages


Access to the lectures, assignments, videos, quizzes


Comfort and flexibility


QA during the course


Sharing knowledge with others


Self-paced learning


Affordable Price


What Our Students Say

“VSA is truly upstanding and is behind its products 100%. Neuroscience course is worth much more than I paid. “

Liz D.

Verified Learner

“Needless to say I’m extremely satisfied with the results.

Alyss O.

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