Sucheta Mitra

Education Engagement Manager
Sucheta Mitra is an accomplished Optometrist, and Educationist currently based in the United Kingdom. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Optometry and Vision Science from NSHM College of Management and Technology in Durgapur, India in 2016 and MBA in Human Resources from Amity University Noida in 2018. With a keen interest in the field of optometry, she again pursued her Master’s degree in Optometry from Amity University Gurgaon in 2020.

With over three years of clinical experience in reputed eye hospitals like Shroff Eye Centre and Eye 7 Chaudhry Eye Centre in Delhi, India, Sucheta honed her skills in treating Paediatric patients, Cornea and Anterior segment, Dry Eyes and Specialty contact lens. She was also associated with Vision Science Academy as a quiz developer, further showcasing her dedication and interest in the field of optometry.

In 2021, Sucheta joined as an Assistant Professor at Arka Jain University in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, where she taught bachelor students of Optometry. Her passion for academic research led her to achieve a full scholarship to pursue her PhD degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University, U.K. Currently, she is a Doctoral Researcher while also working as an Educational Engagement Manager at VSA.

With her extensive experience, knowledge, and dedication to her profession, Sucheta is a valuable asset to the optometry and vision science community. Her expertise in optometry, coupled with her passion for teaching, research, and innovation, make her an ideal choice for anyone seeking guidance or insights into this exciting field.