Ever since its inception, Vision Science Academy has been deeply committed to the provision of excellent educational services and career guidance to the young and aspiring members of our community. We are keenly involved in promoting the passion of vision sciences among our future optometrists and other vision science professionals. Through a organised network of blog competitions, quiz programs, educational webinars, and other curricular activities, team VSA has established a healthy bond with our young peers.

Taking a step further now, we are planning to provide financial assistance to our up and coming vision science professionals.

Vision Science Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in different fields of vision science represents an area of significantly growing interest. Although it can be tough balancing one’s entrepreneurship skills with one’s own clinical practice, vision science entrepreneurs can definitely make a drastic impact in the field of optometry. Besides investing their time and money in setting up their private optometry practice, they can certainly earn some extra income through an innovative idea of entrepreneurship. One exciting idea, for example, could be to launch one’s own brand of spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses, or other types of eyewear.

The Poppy Grant

In order to boost the concept of entrepreneurship within our VSA members, we have decided to provide a financial grant to our PREMIUM members which has been labelled as “The Poppy Grant.” The VSA grant is proudly sponsored by OCULAR Interface, a UK-based organisation whose primary goal is to disseminate knowledge regarding the advanced applications of AI in eye care.

We are now inviting applications from all the interested VSA members who wish to leave their mark within the community by being a savvy entrepreneur. For the basic members of VSA who feel captivated by this idea, we recommend upgrading your basic membership to premium today!

How to Apply and be a Vision Science Entrepreneur?

Once the application process is open on 1st January, 2023, you may submit your grant applications within a time window of 2 months up till 28th of February, 2023. Since the grant’s theme for the year 2023 is entrepreneurship, all candidates need to come up with some unique idea of entrepreneurship pertinent to vision sciences, and then describe briefly as to how this will benefit their local or national community.

Moreover, you should mention as to how your business will thrive, and also provide an estimate of your expected earnings during the first year.

Following the submission process, we shall shortlist the eligible candidates and contact them by 10th of March, 2023. All the shortlisted candidates would then be invited for interviews on the 1st April, 2023.

Once the final selection process is completed, the VSA grant will be released in two phases. The primary phase would commence from 1st of May, 2023. This phase should be completed in the months following May, 2023 and its report shall be submitted by 31st May, 2023.

To facilitate our dear members even further, we have decided that the duration of grant can be extended for up to a year. Nonetheless, this will be done following a solid scrutiny on part of the VSA.

Prerequisites for Submission

  1. Only the PREMIUM VSA Members are eligible to participate in the grant program. For the Free & Basic Access Members of VSA who feel captivated by this idea, we recommend upgrading your free or basic membership to PREMIUM today!
  2. The VSA staff members are not encouraged to apply directly or indirectly.
  3. Our members who have previously received any business endorsement from VSA are not encouraged to apply to make room for deserving candidates.
  4. The grant applications are invited from only those VSA PREMIUM members who are students or have completed their graduation within a timeframe of 5 years dating from the time of submission of their applications.
  5. All candidates must submit a 1000-2000 word business plan along with a 1-year forecast of their cash flow so as to demonstrate the viability of their business.
  6. Candidates are also expected to submit the following details along with their application form:
  • Candidate’s Full Name (in CAPITALS):
  • Candidate’s Email Address:
  • Highest Qualification:
  • Year of completion:
  • Current Position:
  • Nationality:
  • Country of Residence:
  • Name of Business (If already registered legally):
  • Date of Incorporation:
  • Premium Membership Code:
  1. All the finalised applicants shall be willing to participate in the VSA’s regular FOCUS meetings and to get featured in various other VSA platforms.
  2. Any existing businesses or business idea(s) should not apply. Business should not be trading or should not have started trading currently.
  3. The applicant should be (intending to be) the significant shareholder of the company.


The awarded amount from the grant could be up to £1000, depending upon the nature of business plan.

For application submissions or any related queries, please send them to the following address:



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