The VSA Quiz SEASON 2 – Grand Finale is all set to take place on Sunday the 26th of June 2022, starting 10:30 AM (BST).

Only Top 10 participants from VSA Quiz SEASON 2 (combining all 4 Sessions) will be invited to participate in the Grand Finale.

Ken Brandt, VSA’s Senior Advisor from Australia will Chair this event.

Dr. Timos Naskas, VSA’s Joint Editor and Senior Program Manager, Greece will host the event as Quiz Master.

This virtual event is sponsored by OCULAR Interface

1st Prize: £50

2nd Prize: £35

3rd Prize: £25

All participants will receive £10 worth of Amazon Gift Voucher + e-Certificates and Virtual Memento.

This quiz will be held virtually in a closed room in ZOOM. If you would like to join as an audience (limited seats only), please email to