Academic Survey by Vision Science Academy

Prepared by Dr. Abhishek Mandal, Founder, Vision Science Academy 


The Vision Science Academy (VSA) is continuously striving to improve the overall quality of distant education in the field of Vision Sciences and Optometry. In this noble mission, the academy members are indeed our valuable asset whose academic feedback plays a pivotal role in uplifting our standard of global education. Therefore, in August 2021, the VSA administration decided to conduct an annual survey to obtain an honest review about our team’s performance. The survey participant were associated with the field of Vision Sciences in differing capacities, as shown below:



Blog and article writing competitions are indeed immensely popular among our audience. All of the survey participants acknowledged that these competitions significantly contributed to their knowledge base regarding vision sciences. A total of 38.9% participants had previously been involved in our article/blog writing competitions among whom 22.2% individuals had participated in them 2 or more times. As far as the timing of the blog writing competition is concerned, 55.6% individuals suggested that the competition needs to be held at least once a month. When asked about their subject of interest, most of the participants favoured reading vision science articles based on experimental analysis. Furthermore, evidence-based research topics were voted as the most appealing by the majority of VSA members.



Besides blog writing, the survey participants also had a few interesting suggestions related to the educational events organized by VSA. The following figure provides a better idea:



Team VSA has also been actively engaged in organizing webinars throughout the COVID pandemic. This has helped our enthusiastic audience get involved in virtual communication with some of the best minds in the field today. Our survey concluded that 78% individuals were in favour of organizing frequent webinars on a monthly basis.

Some noteworthy webinar topics, as suggested by the survey participants, are shown below:


Some popular Webinar Topics, as put together by worthy VSA Members.


Nearly all the participants quoted having a pleasant experience being a member of the VSA. Furthermore, 55.5% participants quoted that they had plans to switch to a paid VSA membership in near future.

The VSA hopes to build up our community standards based on this valuable feedback. We hope that in future, we are able to transition this educational network into one of the finest learning platforms in the niche of vision sciences.

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