Role of Atropine in Myopia Control

Mr. Raju Kaiti,
B.optom, M.optom (Gold Medalist)
Eye-Health Hero (Future Leader), 2021
Program Coordinator, BOVS, NAMS-NEH
Consultant Optometrist, NEH
Lecturer, NAMS, Nepal

In this Vision Science Talks Session, Mr. Raju Kaiti will discuss Myopia Control methods, focusing on Atropine. Following that, the proper dose and dosage of Atropine, when and how to commence and cease the Atropine Therapy, safety concerns, and risk vs benefit aspects of Atropine.

Join us
Sunday, 25th September 2022
2:30PM (BST), 7:00PM (IST), 7:15PM (NPT)


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