Organised by
ITM University, Raipur, India, and
Vision Science Academy, London, U.K.

Embarking on a unique shared journey in the field of vision sciences, the ITM University, Raipur, India and the Vision Science Academy, London, U.K. are determined to collaborate on a series of webinars. This event has been named as ViSThON 2022-2023 and shall commence on the 13th of October 2022 (World Sight Day) and conclude on the 23rd of March 2023, which is the World Optometry Day. The former occasion holds significance in terms of generating awareness regarding the impact of visual impairment on a global scale. The World Optometry Day, on the other hand, provides us a useful insight into the essential role of optometrists in providing high-standard services in eye care.

The beginning of the ViSThON therefore, shall focus on the current worldwide state of affairs pertinent to visual health. Similarly, the series will end by highlighting the responsibilities of an optometrist in the prevention of ophthalmic disorders. Events such as the upcoming ViSThON can play a potential role in boosting the general know-how of the young enthusiasts of Vision Sciences regarding the ongoing developments in the field per se. This event is aimed at providing a series of high-quality and free-of-cost educational webinars to our global audience.

The ViSThON will consist of up to 50 webinars on Vision Sciences, and is expected to be the first of its kind. These webinars shall enhance the potential of Knowledge Sharing and Networking globally among vision science students and professionals. Promising a free-of-charge participation, we are inviting international audience members to make these webinars successful. Moreover, if you feel that you possess valuable oratory skills to serve as a guest speaker during our webinars, we shall be pleased to invite you to our sessions. Any team members looking forward to sponsoring the event shall also be acknowledged by the organisers.

The event will be moderated by Professor Shib Sankar Roy, Assistant Professor and Incharge, Optometry, School of Life and Allied Health Sciences, ITM University, and Bita Heidarzadeh, Senior Training Manager of Vision Sciences Academy. The event will be coordinated by Professor Shib Sankar Roy (ITM University) and Mr. Manish Panjiyar (Program Manager, Vision Science Academy).

In this series, we aim to cover several potential areas in Vision Sciences including;

  • Spreading awareness among the audience about the protection of eyes from injurious substances and essential daily care precautions.
  • Raising awareness among the audience about vision impairment and blindness as major health issues.
  • Primary eye care, physiology of the eye, and the neuroscience of the eye.
  • Advancements in research and development to eliminate preventable blindness and improve disease detection and expansion of eye care services.
  • Educating optometrists to improve skills in treating different eye-related problems such as; cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc.
  • Novice minds in the field of vision sciences will have an opportunity to get knowledge from veteran professionals about career building in the professional global horizon of vision sciences.

Many more subjects related to vision science will be covered to enhance the knowledge of young aspirants as well as professionals of vision sciences. Each day, there will be a new opportunity to seek and learn novel concepts from international and native expert speakers. This webinar series is meant for anybody who is passionate to build a career in vision sciences. Our motto is A marathon of Webinars for the Optometrists of Tomorrow!