ViSThON 2022 – 23 | WEBINAR 37 | Mr. Sankhadeep Roy

Basics of Electro-Physiology

Mr. Sankhadeep Roy
B.Optom (WBUT), FSCEH (New Delhi)
Senior Optometrist
Centre for Sight Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India

Visual Electrophysiology is a group of tests that determines how the eye and the visual system functions in response to light stimulus by measuring the electrical activity of the retina and the optic nerve. These tests are used to diagnose different conditions that affect vision. This talk will focus mainly on the types of tests, their procedures, indications and interpretation of few cases.

Webinar Scheduled on
Sunday, 12th February, 2023
2:30 PM (GMT), 8 PM (IST)

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