VSA generously provide Fellowships to encourage talented students/professionals to pursue full-time careers in vision research and education in a school or college of vision science. These fellowships provide support to graduate students enrolled in a full-time program of study and training in vision-related research that leads to a Master’s or PhD degree.

Clinical Research Award

Purpose of Award

To answer clinically meaningful questions that will have a significant impact on patient care in vision science.
To provide a mechanism for Academy Fellows to conduct clinical research.
To promote collaborations between clinicians and researchers with the goal to build strong clinical and academic partnerships

Eligibility Requirements
The PI and all other clinical investigators must be Academy Fellows or Candidates in good standing.
In addition to the PI, the majority of the research team should be comprised of optometrists primarily engaged in clinical practice inside or outside of an academic institution.
Each PI must name an ‘Academic Partner’ who has strong research experience and training (e.g., MS or PhD and has published in refereed journals in the area of investigation). The Academic Partner must also be an Academy Fellow or Candidate.
The research project must address a relevant clinical question and have the potential to positively impact patient care in optometry.
If any of these criteria are not able to be met, a specific explanation must be provided within the letter of intent.

1. The grant proposal should follow the standard VSA format with modifications as outlined below.

a. Applications should be in Arial 11 font with half-inch margins and be single spaced.

2. In general the following items should be included in the proposal:

a. Cover Letter
b.Title Page with Approval from Institutional Signing Official
c. Table of Contents
d. Detailed Budget and Justification for All Years*budget must include a statement that describes the importance of the investment to vision science and clinical practice.
e. Biosketch(es) in VSA format
f. Resources and Environment
g. Scientific Abstract
h.Specific Aims and Scientific Impact (1 page)
i. Significance and Innovation (1 page)
j. Research Plan (6 pages)
k. Project Timeline (1 page)
l. Literature Cited
m. Human Subjects (inclusion of women, children, etc.)
n. Biohazards, if applicable
o. Letters of Support from Collaborators
p. Applicant’s Highest Impact and/or Relevant Paper Published or In Press

3. The LOI and full application should be sent as a PDF via email to Helen Viksnins at the Academy office.

4. Awardees will be announced at the upcoming annual meeting awards ceremony.