We are delighted to announce that Pritam Dutta has been honoured as the distinguished recipient of the VSA-Visionary Blogger of the Month Award for April 2024. Serving as an Assistant Professor at Ridley College of Optometry, Pritam has showcased exceptional writing prowess and offered insightful analysis in his acclaimed blog, “A Dive into Neuroplasty in Adults: The Role of Brain Cells.”

Details about the Awardee:

Name: Pritam Dutta, M.Optom, FAAO
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Ridley College of Optometry
Blog Title: ‘A Dive into Neuroplasty in Adults: The Role of Brain Cells’

Pritam’s blog stands out as an exceptional piece of work, demonstrating depth and clarity in its approach to the subject. We have every confidence in Pritam’s ongoing and impactful contributions to the field of vision science.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Pritam Dutta for achieving this prestigious accolade!