1. Aakanksha Pathania
Blog title: Changes noticed in the eyes due to variations in gravitational force

2. Simran Parkar
Blog title: Your Brain on Words: The Neuroscience of Reading

3: Kalaiyarasi D
Blog title: Visually Impaired Birders

4. Mahatabuz Zaman
Blog title: Over Prescription of Carboxymethyl Cellulose in Healthy Eyes

5. Nandhini E
Blog title: Application of Adaptive Optics in Ophthalmology

6. Naushin Fathima S
Blog title: Professional Approach towards Autistic Child

7. Vidushi Gupta
Blog title: Post-Partum Visual Changes

8. Bhavya Marwaha
Blog title: Smart Contact Lenses

9. Swanandi Gawde
Blog title: Bio-mechanical Health of the Cornea in Keratoconus

10. Sanjukta Jana
Blog title: Aero-sight Problems


Thanks again to all those who participated in the competition.