Spiral Candy Cataract in an Electric burns’ patient

Dr. Jigyasa Sahu


Affiliations: Senior Resident, Guru Nanak Eye Centre, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

Highest Degrees: MBBS, MS Ophthalmology

Corresponding Author: Dr. Jigyasa Sahu

Description of photograph: A patient with history of electric burn from a high voltage (>1000V) electric line, presented to us 2 months after injury with diminution of vision in both eyes. On slit lamp examination, he had a posterior subcapsular cataract with a spiral candy appearance with multiple concentric rings which closely mimicked a polar cataract. However, there was no posterior capsular defect found. In electric burn patients, till date there is no report of such a pattern of cataract and the most common cataract found is anterior subcapsular cataract.

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