August 2022 Blog Competition

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Congratulations to the Top 10 Participants of August 2022 Blog Competition


Rank Name Blog Title
1 Aakanksha Pathania Can optometrists solve crime also? Forensic Optometry
2 Kalaiyarasi D Dance for the Visually Impaired
3 Kritika Gautam Premyopia: An Alarm for Parents
4 Pritam Dutta Cognitive science and Artificial intelligence: The ongoing trend
5 Krishna Shah Smart Contact Lens – A Future Technology
6 Viraj Zambaulicar Vision Science of Motion Sickness
7 Sweety Sharma Does Yoga Help Your Eyes?
8 Kartik Kumar Gupta The Challenges and Emerging Vision Therapy for Management of Amblyopia in Adults
9 Bedisha Biswas Do you Visually Hallucinate the Unreal Things ? Charles Bonnet Syndrome
10 Salal Khan Advances in Screening for Amblyopia

Thanks to all those who participated in the competition, we will be in touch with you shortly for the publication process.