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A statement by Dr. Abhishek Mandal


The COP27 has recently summoned leaders of the world nations on the catastrophic issue of global climate change. The climate conference is expected to conclude on 18th November, 2022. Its main agenda is to review the major steps being undertaken to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases, and to devise a financial plan of action to curb climate change. As global warming persists, our health lies in a state of distress and urgent measures need to be sought to resolve this issue. Being students and professionals concerned with vision sciences, we must be equipped with prerequisite knowledge as to how climate change can precipitate eye disorders.

A plethora of environmental changes can trigger problems related to eye health. In addition to rising temperatures, changes in the pattern of wind, rainfalls and humidity, and ozone depletion all can contribute to disruption of eye health. Evidence has verily indicated that all the layers of eye can be significantly damaged following exposure to climatic hazards.

In concordance with this alarming issue, the stakeholders of visual health are expected to step in and spread awareness pertinent to the impact of worsening climate on our eyes. Moreover, there is an urgent need to assess the damage which has already been provoked and devise countermeasures to address this emerging health crisis. Our species is at a critical juncture in its history. Unless strict measures are implemented, there is an increasing likelihood that a climatic disaster might jeopardize our survival.

Keeping this in mind, the Vision Science Academy is determined to keep its followers updated about the recent proceedings of the COP27. Especially, VSA is aimed at expanding the scope of COP27 findings to include interventions which can effectively mitigate the risk of climate-induced visual impairment.

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