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 International Orthoptic e-Symposium


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Indian Optometric Association


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SUNDAY 26th September 2021

10:30AM (BST) | 3PM (IST) | 12:30PM (EEST)






3PM: Opening Remarks by Prem Kumar Singh.

Speaker 1. Anton Decruse Waanbah

Topic: Paralytic Strabismus: Keys to Evaluate

Timing: 3:05PM – 3:35PM

Duration: 30 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A

Speaker 2. Joanna Arcadiou

Topic: Surgical Management Methods for Infantile Esotropia

Timing: 3:40PM to 4:10PM

Duration: 30 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A

Event Partner Talk (10 minutes) by Dr. Rajeev Prasad, General Secretary, Indian Optometric Association.

Timing: 4:15PM – 4:25PM

Speaker 3. Prem Kumar Singh

Topic: Prism in Managing Diplopia & Restoring BSV

Timing: 4:25PM – 4:55PM

Duration: 30 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A


e-Certificates will be provided.



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