Survey Report

“A Quantitative Analysis”

July 2020


Survey by Jayanti Chaudhary

Data Analyst: Pintu Dey

Lucky Draw Winner – Ajay Shahi


Vision Science Academy (VSA) conducted a survey in the month of July 2020 to examine the areas that the members felt they needed to develop their academic strength. VSA members were questioned about their level of education, their favorite informative blogs and the blogs they follow in light of their professional profiles. The graphs illustrate the results of the survey conducted. In light of this information, their vulnerable or weak areas were evaluated which also identifies the areas members seek improvement. The goal was to work out the weak spots in the deliverance of our functions. Data was then converted from tabular to graphical form as shown below.

Quantitative data is effectively transformed into columns. On the x-axis, we have categorized the various qualifications i.e. Doctoral degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree and Associate degree. Y axis shows the number of individuals qualified against each category. Majority collectively make up the highest sum of Bachelor-level degree holders, followed by Master-level qualifications and Doctoral degree. The data doesn’t mention anyone with an associate degree.


This graph shows the nature of the professional field graphed against the number of individuals who qualify for that level of work. Diagram with the majority number of members working on the clinical front. This is represented by blue convex curvatures. Next we have an equal number of students in both research and student fields. Only one member works in the optical field.


This graph shows the viewpoint of members from various fields and their preference for different blogs as the knowledge enhancing sources. For instance, members from clinical backgrounds have voted in large majority for clinical based blogs. The least favored blog is theory based with only three votes casted in this category.


Bar graph shows the responses of individuals as to which kind of scientific blog is most likely to improve their knowledge. Experimental and clinical blogs top the list being in favor of each followed by only a few members in favor of theory-based blogs.

This graph shows breakdown of a wide range of blogs and voting by individuals from different backgrounds. Most clinical field specialists vote for clinical based blogs. All optical specialists have voted for clinical blogs.


This pie chart exhibits various skills of the candidates that require improvement. For instance, most candidates need to work on their paper writing ability. 36.4% individuals need to work on this followed by research methodology (27.3%), clinical skills (18.2%), academic acumen (12.1%) and the least common areas of weakness is training process.

Conclusion :

After studying the results of this survey, the findings show that most of the members of VSA, having done their bachelors, feel that their most vulnerable area is paper writing and the kind of blog most likely to enhance their professional knowledge is clinical based. VSA’s management team will now look into these areas and formulate strategies to address the points highlighted by the members.