Priyanka Ray, M.A, B.Ed.

Digital Strategist, Vision Science Academy


An impressive blog is capable of captivating the attention of the readers, entertaining them as well as delivering its message to the readers successfully. Writing an interesting blog post can be a simple task if certain guidelines are followed.

Planning is necessary for creating a standard blog. It not only saves more time and effort but also increases self-discipline in the writer. Research is extremely important, as it not only helps us to acquire more knowledge but also to check our facts before putting them on paper. Conducting adequate research on the topic will make the write-up more accurate, reliable and authoritative.

An alluring blog post should have an attractive and informative headline. The headline should inform the readers about the main idea or the theme of the content. Drafting an appropriate headline is essential for the write-up to be enticing to the readers.

Once the title has been formulated, it is time to focus on the main content of the blog post. The write-up should be well presented and structurally organized with appropriate paragraphing, accurate grammar, punctuation, relevant images, well researched facts and explanatory notes wherever required. Care must be taken to ensure the smooth flow of writing and the logical connection between every sentence should be maintained. Using repetitions or contradictory statements in a blog post should be avoided as these can confuse the readers and distract them. An impressive write-up can easily allure the attention of its readers and engage them in a pleasurable reading experience. In case of professional content, the style of writing should be formal with appropriate choice of words and selection of images. Selection of relevant images will make the article more attractive, interesting and enriched.

The write-up should have a natural rhythm to it and should make the readers want to read it.  An inspirational or a motivational conclusion can provide the final touch to the write-up. The conclusion can also be a general one – summing up in a few lines the main essence of the actual content.

Editing is another necessary step in order to deliver a flawless and perfect write-up. A thorough revision of the article is necessary to ensure that no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors have crept in. An article with errors often fails to attract the attention of the readers.

An impressive blog not only caters to the requirements of the readers but also makes the process of reading enjoyable and delightful.


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