The Vision Science Academy is committed to the promotion of knowledge based on Vision Sciences among our enthusiastic members. For this purpose, the team VSA feels honoured to announce that we shall be conducting monthly quiz competitions. Starting from mid-January 2023, the quiz is set to take place on the 15th of every month (open for 5 days). The VSA administration has finalized some standards pertinent to the quiz competition, which are as follows:

Quiz Rules and Regulations

  1. The quiz will test your general knowledge related to the concepts about different fields of Visual Sciences.
  2. Only the VSA members are eligible to participate in the quiz competition.
  3. Each competition shall contain up to 20 multiple choice questions (MCQs), and the contestants shall be given a total of 20 minutes to attempt all the questions.
  4. All the questions need to be solved in a single attempt. This means that once you have attempted one question and moved onto the next, you won’t be able to change your answer.
  5. Once the session has begun, you won’t be able to pause or complete it at a different time.
  6. There will be no negative marking during the quiz competition.
  7. The top scorers of each quiz session will be awarded certificates. After a total of 4 quiz sessions with one session per month, the top scorers will qualify for a grand finale (TBC).
  8. The candidates facing any difficulty in accessing the quiz questions due to connectivity issues can unhesitatingly contact the VSA administration to resolve their problem as soon as possible.
  9. The candidates are also advised to refrain from using any illicit means of securing higher marks during the exam.
  10. The participation line will remain open for 5 days