Steps in Developing Research Protocol for Regular and Undergraduate Students

Duration: 1 hour

Dr. Gopinath M
BS Opt, M.Optom, PhD, FBDO
Founder – Opto Research Consultancy Services
Research Associate and Lecturer – Acchutha Institute of Optometry

This upcoming lecture will outline a future-focused method for developing research protocols, aimed at both regular and undergraduate students. It will start by pinpointing a precise research question, then move to a literature review to build a solid knowledge base. Students will learn to craft hypotheses and set objectives to steer their research. The discussion will progress to constructing the methodology, encompassing study design, selection of participants, and data analysis techniques. The speaker will cover ethical considerations to align with academic standards and include a management plan for effective timeline and resource management. Emphasising the necessity of peer review and ongoing refinement, this lecture is geared to empower students with the tools for conducting ethical and substantial research projects.

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Sunday, Feb 25th 2023
9:30 AM (GMT), 3 PM (IST)

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