Dyslexia and Visual Attention

By – Ms. Christine Nearchou, BScOptom, FACO, FCOVD, FACBO

Senior Lecturer, Department of Optometry and Vision Science

University of Melbourne, Australia

Clinical Leader – Paediatrics and Binocular vision

In this Vision Science Talks session, Ms. Christine Nearchou will be discussing the role of visual factors in learning and reading, and a case for routine testing visual processing, with an overview of the typical assessment protocols optometrists can use to evaluate visual information processing.

Moderator: Bita Heidarzadeh
Senior Training Manager
Vision Science Academy

Event Co-ordinator: Manish Panjiyar
Assistant Program Manager & Editorial Assistant
Vision Science Academy

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Sunday, 14th August 2022
12PM (BST), 4:30PM (IST), 9PM (AET)

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