ViSThON 2022-23 | Webinar 16 | Dr. Ranadeb Banerjee

Vertical Imbalance in Spectacle Dispensing

Dr. Ranadeb Banerjee
B.S.Optometry (AIIOS), M. Optom, DCLP, CLHH (Dubai),
CCLF (Dubai), RAC (Dubai), LVRBC (Jordan), MMP (Australia)
Senior Optometrist & Philanthropic Academico-clinical Mentor

In this webinar, Dr. Ranadeb Banerjee will discuss the persistent & frequently ignored problems of induced vertical prismatic differences in monofocal & multifocal lens designs. This talk will also highlight evaluative methods, related calculations & prescription work, along with special rectifying manufacturing methods

Webinar Scheduled on
Sunday, 4th December 2022
2:30 PM (GMT), 8:00 PM (IST)

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