ViSThON 2022-23 | WEBINAR 33 | Ms. Bhuvana Kalyani

Now or Never in Optometry

Ms. Bhuvana Kalyani
B.Optom, M.Optom (Gold Medalist)
Assistant Professor in Optometry
Samartha School of Optometry, Visakhapatnam, India

This talk will explore the key elements and strategies for success and sustainability in the field of optometry. The speaker will cover the importance of staying up to date with industry developments and advances in technology, as well as the value of building a strong professional network. The talk will also highlight various career paths and opportunities within the optometry industry, including roles in clinical practice, research, education, and administration. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the steps they can take to ensure a long and successful career in optometry.

Webinar Scheduled on
Tuesday, 7th February 2023
1:30 PM (GMT), 7 PM (IST)

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