ViSThON 2022 – 23 | WEBINAR 39 | Ms. Sunanda Sarkhel

Childhood Myopia – A Paranoid to Parents

Ms. Sunanda Sarkhel
BA (Hons); BOPTOM; FOPTOM; M. Cert Diabetes Care and Management (Glasgow);
MSc Clinical Ophthalmology Vision Research (Glasgow); PhD (Pursuing)

Faculty Optometrist Optometry and Vision Sciences,
Amity Medical School, Amity University, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Myopia is an emerging pandemic. Its prevalence has been rising steadily and at alarming rate worldwide especially in South-East Asia. Recent studies have observed a rising trend of myopia with prevalence reaching up to 69% by the age of 15 years in the urban population. There are many contributing factors which marked as risk factors and among that genetic contributions along with spending more time at indoors makes the situation more worse. Parents are more anxious than the affected populations as these age groups are mostly student generations and hence spend more times in indoor activities which included the use of VDU, tuitions, school hours, and not to forget that the last three consecutive years students mostly been locked at home due to COVID-19. So what are the solutions and what are the precautions can this generation take up as control measures where they can enjoy their student life without being paranoid.

Webinar Scheduled on
Friday, 17th February, 2023
2:30 PM (GMT), 8 PM (IST)

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