VSA July 2020 Blog Competition – Top 10 Blogs


Vision Science Academy was overwhelmed by the number of quality blog submissions for the July 2020 Blog Competition. Following to the scoring by the judging panel we are pleased to announce the top 10 blogs from this competition. Congratulation to the winning blog –

Title: Ultraviolet radiation: How it affects the human eye?


All submissions were very much appreciated by the judges. We will get in touch with each participant individually those who made it to top 10 to start the publishing process.


Ranking Blog Title
1 Ultraviolet radiation: How it affects the human eye?
2 Tale of the modern-day Janus: The impact of Video gaming on the Brain
3 “Comparison of the Aqueous flare by Laser flare photometry with that of SUN grade in a non-granulomatous uveitis patient.”
4 Amblyopia Management – What’s New?
5 The propitious effects of Corneal Collagen cross-linking using Rose Bengal and Green light – An armamentarium of the future.
6 Neural mechanism behind Ocular Accommodation – An abridgment
7 Ocular Involment And Role Of Dopamine In Parkinson’s Disease

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Refraction Eye Exam On Post Covid-19: “should Optometrist Worry”


Bilateral cataract with congenital disorder of glycosylation – a case report


Are all blue cut lenses good for us?