Aksha Shetty, M.Optom

PhD student- BITS Goa, Lecturer, Goa Medical College, India


Gen Z is an era that has given rise to social media marketing and influencer marketing industry. Loosely Gen Z are people who were born between 1997-2012. As this generation becomes our new face of consumer, they are constantly changing the ways in which the products are marketed and sold. There has been a drastic change in all industries which also includes eyewear, contact lens and health care. They are becoming more conscious of their choices and are acknowledging small local shops. The ways in which these items can be purchased are becoming more distributed and open. This generation also tends to be well informed and will often research well before purchasing any item. They are less interested in brands and always shop around till they find better deal.

For optical industry it is very important to reinvent the conventional way of selling eyewears. There are simple ways in which we can redesign out Marketing strategies for Gen Z.

Social media presence

Current consumers are highly influenced by social media. Most of the population wants to be in trend or follow the trend. It is very important for the store owners, eyewear brands to engage current consumers and always know the most recent trend. This could be expensive and sometimes a loss as these trends is constantly changing. A good balance between evergreen style and product versus one that is trendy must be determined.

It is also very important to have a social presence. As marketing tactics, we still see most Indian optical outlets depending on ‘word-of-mouth’. As effective and least expensive this tactic might be, it still isn’t the only practice you must follow. Adaptation to newer trends, keeping your social media page updated and constantly engaging your consumers makes a positive impact. Micro influencing is another way in which you can bring in new customers.

Online shopping vs store shopping

When online shopping was introduced, it became a huge success as they brought convenience to our lives, but Gen Z do like a wholesome shopping experience. They might window shop eye wear at your store and later purchase it at a cheaper rate online or they might look at something on social networking sites and bring that image to you asking for a similar product.(1) They are a mix and blend of both. This is an indication of how important online presence is.  According to a study performed by Kantar, market research group, they concluded that about 50% of the population went through online websites before making purchases.(2) It is very vital in today’s age to have a website that could give your consumers a gist of products and services you provide. Website can also help in providing more insight on history of your retail store and introduction to the team and display reviews to your products. It could also be a way to provide schemes and offers.

Luxury vs local

Gen Z are more likely to shop something they feel is quirky or trendy rather than something that is branded. They want to look unique and not be a showstopper for a product.(3)

How can an optical outlet improve its system?

Personalized offers are the best way to reel these consumers in. They are very demanding in terms of both quality of the product and the services provided. The most basic services like informing them about recent offers through social media, providing them with gift cards every time they purchase a follow up call after product is dispensed. Make sure your collection is updated and trendy and make your online presence known.

Declaration of interest: The blog is written solely for education purpose, and it does not have any financial support and conflict of interest


Image courtesy: Pixabay



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